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Delilah Mae, our livestock guardian, turned one on May 5th! Happy Birthday Ms. Mae!

May Newsletter 🌸

Hello Birdland Family,

The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming here at Birdland Pastures. Delilah roams the pasture protecting the birds. The chickens sunbathe and play with their friends. The turkeys are yelping, gulping down tons of feed. And the ducks are splashing in the cool water.

We've had a wonderful few weeks. Our first Baltimore market was a tremendous success. We sold out at every market. We appreciate your support as we continue to grow.

I travelled to Virginia last week to pickup 142 additional hens to keep up with demand. They're right on the verge of laying. We should start getting more eggs by June. Until then, we appreciate your reservations for our wholesome eggs. We also look forward to opening our local farm stand in June. Already, we've had plenty of neighbors purchase eggs online. Thank you for your support.

Our farm is a great experiment. While many farms are tied to large integrators and grocery corporations, Birdland Pastures is solely owned and operated by two millennials with a passion for pastured poultry. We adhere to time-tested methods of animal husbandry and reject the norms of contemporary poultry farming, which has devastated the health and wellbeing of our feathered friends and the environment. Animal ethics comes first here. If our birds are happy, we are happy. The good news is that happy birds also result in the best tasting eggs on the market!

Remember to bring your cartons to market to save $1 per dozen. Kaetlyn and I are excited to see you.
Iain Davis
Partner, Birdland Pastures

Market Prices

$0.58 per egg loose
$7.00 per dozen with your empty carton
$8.00 per dozen if you need an empty carton

Milk Bottle Candle - $22.50 / 2 for $38
Handcrafted Soap - $10 / 2 for $15
Lucky Feet Candles - $7 small / $12 large

$5.00 - 2 pack Turkey Eggs
Very Limited Stock! First come, first served.

$12 per dozen
Coming back in June!

Pasture-Raised | Non-GMO | Free Range | Soy Free
Kent Island Farmers Market | Olney Farmers Market | Mt. Washington Farmers Market

Quail Eggs Returning!

In April, we had a predator attack on our quail. Therefore, our quail egg supply briefly halted. More quail are on the way. We also hatched many quail from the original flock. We expect quail eggs ready by June. Kaetlyn and I appreciate your patience.

Local Farm Stand - Coming June 2023

Starting on a Wednesday in June, we will open our farm stand to the public. It's a perfect stop on the way home, right on York Manor Rd in Phoenix, MD. Travel on Paper Mill Road, turn onto York Manor, and you'll quickly see Henrique Egglaysius--our metal rooster. Watch the hens as you get your eggs! The farm stand will operate every Wednesday, year round. Hours will vary from season-to-season.

Spring/Summer Hours:

Fall/Winter Hours:

Opening June 2023
Exact Date TBD

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Updates from the Farm

  • Blue Jay Flock: We name our flocks after our college mascots. Kaetlyn and Iain are graduates of College Park, UB, and Hopkins. So, our first flock is the "Terp Flock," then the "Bee Flock," and lastly the "Blue Jay Flock." The Blue Jays arrived last Friday. In total, the Blue Jays are 142 hens strong. They are all Red Stars, which is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and White Rock. When they are born, the females are red and the males are white. Red Stars are fantastic egg producers. They forage excellently and produce an egg every day. We're excited for you to try the Blue Jay Flock's eggs!

  • Shining Stars Academy & Baby Turkeys: Almost a month ago, we donated a few hatching eggs to the Shining Stars Academy: a preschool on Kent Island. After 21 days of incubation, they hatched 2 baby chickens and a baby quail. Our preschool poultry farmers named the chicks Chester and Chickadee. Great job young farmers! These two little ones are our third generation of breeding, originating from King Gordo, our first rooster. This also couldn't have come at a better time. We received 14 Narragansett heritage turkeys last week. Turkeys lack the knowledge to forage properly. Thus, Chester and Chickadee will grow up with our turkeys and teach them how to forage in the pasture. The quail will also be joining our layer/breeder quail flock. We appreciate the Shining Stars Academy for sending us photos. Check out more on our Facebook page!
Shining Stars students and 14 Narragansett Turkeys
  • The Old Truck Coop: All of the birds need a place to live, right? While they forage and roam around outside during the day, they need protection at night. Large coops can run over $10,000! Iain knows we can build something for a tenth of that price. So, we built our own coop using an old truck back and added custom barn doors. Throw in some milk crates, bedding, and roosts, and voila! A comfortable coop for our Blue Jay flock. Take a look at it below. The birds LOVE this coop and comfortably go inside at night. It keeps them safe from foxes and predators. Every morning, we prop the doors open and the birds run out to the pasture. The best part? It only cost us $1200 to build. It took a lot of work, including metal grinding and woodwork, but it is well worth it. Kaetlyn and I will be sanding down the side and painting it. Stay tuned to see the final product.
  • So much more: We'd love to keep you informed about everything that happens on our farm. From funny moments, to information on our food economy, please follow us on social media. Click here for a list of links to our pages.

Updates from the Market

Our egg supply is limited until June 2023! Please continue to reserve your eggs online. We appreciate your patience.

  • Iain will continue to be at Mt. Washington Farmers Market every Sunday from 10AM-2PM. He will also be attending the Kent Island Farmers Market every Thursday from 3:30PM-6:00PM.
  • Kaetlyn will continue to be at Olney Farmers and Artists Market every Sunday between 9AM-1PM.
  • See our calendar here.

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